My art 1 drawings...

New Life
fall 2010
We had to draw something that discribes us. I think that i did it really good. Germany and also america a now a part of me.



Baby... times

Fall 2010
My real first drawing in the art class was this scribble Potrai. I really like it. It was fun to see how this drawing transformt from lines to scribbles and than to a "real" looking person.


The death..

Fall 2010
I think you really understand the thema from my drawing The deaht is also life and death this is the reason why i did it. I like how the colors play togehter.

little Elephant on his big trip

Fall 2010
The reason why i was drawing a elephant was because Ireally like this animal it is speacial. I like how the colors play togehter but somethimes it was to much water I know now how I can doit better.


Winter 2010
I did this drawing because i think everybody must do think about it if you are alone or not. You have to fight for you love and never give you hope up. You are never alone when you have friends.