Hey Welcome to my Jewlery class page I hope you will like my projects...


This is my favorite page in my book :) I really love how it looked after I was done ´because I din´t know frist what i will do but I love how it lookes now.. I picked this name because it is just perfekt how much you can show with using alomst only one color.

Just do it..


This was probely one of the hardest projects that I did. ´m happy the way it turned out and I think I could be really proud of this piece it is just really pretty and I just wanted to show with it that you sometimes just have to try something that you never did before it could be amazing,

Zebra time :)

My bag :) I just love it! so much. I like how the zebra and the pink lookes togehter and I like it how I used my first Jewlery profect to make it look better. I´m Just proud of it how it turned out because I dint try somthing like this before because I said my slef I just cant do it. But on the end I could and I love to take this bag with me somewhere and thing I made this!

America 2010/2011

On this braclet a pictures from america I din´t turn out the way i wanted it but I still really like it because the pictrues mean something important for me and I will take it back with me just beacuse it is special in a way for me. I really like the idea of making bracelts like this that mean something for you so only you have it and nobody else in the whole world.

Summer time <3

This beach necklace lookes in the beging really hard to make but it is just so easy and on the end it is so preatty it is just amazing what you can do in some houres when you just try it . I will take this necklace with my in the sommer vacations and put it on when we go on the beack just because it is prefect for something like this.

My pruple something :D


I don´t really know if i like this or not... I kind of do because it truned out pretty good for my first try but i Think i could do it better. But how ever I think it is pretty amazing that you can make something like this just out of things like this .