Chatrina's Art Portfilio


Hey my name is Chatrina and I am 17 Years old and I am exchange student from Berlin, Germnay and i will be spend one year in Wisconsin USA. I reallt like my High school and the school spirit I am already a rell bulldog. I am already 4 month here we have to create a Portfolio for art class about us and are drawings. Art is one of my favrotie classes because it dosent matter if my english is not that good like that from the other students i only need my creativity.

I think creativity and fun on drawing is really importon for you full life it will start when you have childrean and there wont you to draw something. You need a little bit of art you full life it dosent matter if you really good in it or not just try it and have fun on that are you do.

Have a nice day and fun on my portfolio :) Chacha